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Company Profile

CEO Greenpipsonline and Leading Analyst


Tarik is the Director and founder of Green Pips Online Group. He has been trading for 05 years on various type of instruments including Stocks, CFDs, Indices, Futures, and Options. In recent years, he has been mainly focused more on Forex trading.

Tarik Mangla deploys Technical Analysis trading strategies together with Fundamental Analysis & Sentiment Analysis. He also puts a strong emphasis on Money Management and Trade Management as the price action plays out.

Welcome to our site is your partner in the latest developments in the Forex market. Manned by professionals in Forex. Our main focus is on providing quality chart analysis, quality Forex signals and quality learning courses. We hope that you learn something from us as we continue to find ways to better serve you with information and news bits that suit your needs. We don’t proclaim to be the best in the business, but we are good at what we do – the reason why more and more people are visiting our site each day — and you can count on us to deliver the results.

Our Aim is to help you to become a successful Trader also this web is dedicated for Forex where you can found anything related to Forex.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope your visit here has been worthwhile and informative.

WhatsApp +966 57 282 5309 

Managing Director and Market Analyst

Danial Ahmad

Danial is professional Forex Trader and market Analyst has been actively engaged in market analysis for the past 4 years. He has also the leading role to develop the business and currently handling all social media activities. He is from Saudi Arabia. He holds a Bachelor degree in Management.


Telegram: GreenpipsSniper

Our Team

We are a team of professionals who truly follow trading rules and are passionate to achieve substantial results. Achieving success requires consistent efforts, hard work, mutual cooperation and we are committed to continuing our consistent efforts to pursue our goals. We don’t mislead people by fake promises of overnight account growth.

Our team Tariq Javed, Danial Ahmad, and Fakhra Ansari are eager to provide reliable and transparent services. Conflicts can only be removed if trades are logic based. In order to avoid any kind conflicts and fears , genuine strategies have been devised for trading by our team. Our trading system is purely based on logic. All services are provided after complete scanning.

There are numerous persons who have been satisfied by empowering them with professional skills, transparent and proficient reliable signals and high-quality fund management of investors. It has been ensured that our clients gain maximum profit as much as possible. Individual assistance is provided to all clients.

We want our clients to empower themselves with high quality trading skills and for this purpose, forex trading courses have been introduced. Our High-quality forex education from basic to advanced level enables the traders to implement acquired knowledge successfully in real market conditions. We believe that our success is our client’s satisfaction.